Teach abroad: Eight out of ten teachers are happy with their international experience


Fed up with your teaching job in the UK – or ready for a post-Uni international teaching adventure?  You are not alone.  Eight out of ten teachers who decide to teach abroad say they are happy with their international experience.

Seven out of ten choose international schools for the opportunity to travel and explore new cultures.  Six out of ten go abroad for the sheer enjoyment and challenge of an international teaching career.  Others say it’s the lure of a better salary or career growth.  And nearly half of those who choose to teach abroad, say its because they are fed up with the pressure of teaching in the UK.

Thanks to the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) for the fascinating facts from their latest research into Teacher Supply in British International Schools.

The figures reveal the lure of teaching abroad.  Around 15,000 UK teachers take up jobs in international school every year according to The Guardian.  And most never look back.  COBIS’s research says most are happy with their time abroad, reigniting their passion and enthusiasm for teaching.

There is huge demand for qualified UK teachers in international schools. ICS Research says that around quarter of a million (230,000) new teachers will be required in international schools to meet demand over the next ten years.

And you can join them, either as a qualified teacher, or as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).  Many Brits take TEFL course as a means of travelling and working abroad after Uni – some even manage to come back with more money than they had when they left!  There are a huge number of courses available online and training takes about 120 hours of work to qualify.  But make sure that you choose a reputable supplier which offers high quality, accredited course.

And once you are ready to go, the world opens up.  Alongside some of the more obvious countries to choose there is huge demand for teachers in some of the world’s most exciting emerging countries including China, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

You’ll be well paid in most international schools and many will include accommodation and flights home as part of the package.  The key is to make sure that you are choosing a respectable and reliable school.  As a well-established recruiter, PIC can help you to find an international teaching job that meets your needs and expectations.

What’s more, when you are ready to come home, you’ll find your international experience has broadened your outlook of the world.  COBIS’s research reports that eight out of ten teachers say they have gained cultural awareness and a global outlook as a result of their travels.

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